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Rifle Cover



Safe and Sound

This is the Chapman fleece lined waterproof canvas cover for the safe stowage of your rifle and telescopic sight. As with all firearms security is paramount so the zip is lockable, and, we stitch a leather swatch to the canvas cover so you can have your contact details embossed.
Handcrafted In Carlisle, England


  • British dyed and bonded cotton canvas
  • British parachute strength shuttle loom webbing
  • Italian full grain vegetable tanned leather
  • Fleece lining 
  • British brass fittings
  • Dimensions:
  • Please contact us directly to discuss bespoke measurements 


Our workshop is on Tannery Road in Carlisle, which is a clue to the long tradition of leather work in this small corner of Cumbria.

And tradition is the key to our craft skills.

Just as it takes time to create something timeless it takes time to learn the skills to do so.

Handcrafted In Carlisle

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