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The desk to desk organiser




The world of work has changed for good.

And because Chapman’s mission is to make the way you move through your world easier, we came up with a new idea to meet the challenges of this new age.

Agile working means you need a mobile desktop (literal not just virtual), and you need to create your own workstation wherever, whenever. And that means the inevitable tangle of cables, plugs, leads, mouse mats, pads crowded into the bottom or your bag frustrating you every time you ‘download’ its contents

The Chapman desk to desk organiser brings order to that chaos with well-designed and flexible space to store your high-tech and low-tech paraphernalia in a stylish addition to your briefcase or backpack. Leather bound and suede lined the organiser means a tidy desk, though whether this means a tidy mind is for you to work on.

But we are sure that that the Desk to Desk is a stylish analog solution to a digital problem.

Handcrafted In Carlisle, England

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